Day 21: My favorite posts

May 21, 2013 Topic of the Day:
A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

This was the post that first gained my blog attention. John whipped this together while I was on a work trip and everyone fell in love with it. Over a year later, it continues to be the pin that brings the most traffic to my website and was the reason why I switched my blog from a simple little family blog to Measure Once, Cut Twice. I have since moved and re-did the look of it. Someday when my craft room is ready, I'll re-reveal my new desk!

I loved this project because John and I worked really hard on it together and used teamwork to get the vinyl applied perfectly. I had a boring black electric guitar that I decided needed to be jazzed up a bit. What's a better way than covering it in vinyl?!

I loved putting this little 'Stache Bash together. It was so fun trying to come up with ways to incorporate mustaches into the party. I'm kind of in love with the colors in the pictures as well.

This post just cracks me up. It reminds me of all of the stupid mistakes we made as new homeowners. What were we thinking painting our spare room this color? Who in their right minds guts an entire bathroom with no pre-planning? Check it out to see what other brilliant decisions we made...

This was another favorite project I worked on because it was the first wedding that someone hired me to decorate for. It was a sunflower themed wedding and I really wanted to make them something special to put at the greeting table. I had fun gathering the craft supplies that I had on-hand to create this canvas. 

P.S. Did you know that it's easy to look back into my archives? Check out the "Post Topics" right underneath my picture in the left sidebar. They are categorized by topic to make it easier for you!

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