DIY Farmhouse Table Benches

Did you see those amazing benches in my DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table post? Since I wasn't willing to take on the tutorial for the table, I decided to write up a tutorial for the benches. Once you get the first one down, the rest are cake. We made 6 total, but only used 4 for the table. These sit two people each (especially when 2 are pushed together). 

Left and right: 2x4", 12" long
Top and bottom: 2x4", 34" long

I failed to mention here that you should put a 12x34" piece of 1/2" plywood into the frame before you insert the support beam and legs. This is because the plywood is the seat that drops into the frame (step 7). Sorry if it this isn't clear. Just keep reading. 

Support beam: 2x4", 12" long

The legs are made up of a (2) 3' wooden 2x2" pieces of wood. They are 18" long each. 

Support beam is a 2x3" cut 9" long. 

This support beam is a 2x3" cut 31" long.

Here is the plywood I mentioned in step 2. If this didn't turn out right due to my terrible instructions, then that's ok. Move onto step 9.  

Foam is from Beverly's Crafts (or any other fabric store). Make sure to use a coupon because this stuff can get expensive!

Sidenote: We had 6 of these benches covered in batting in our garage. They look like lambs. 

This is heavy duty fabric from Jo-Ann Crafts. We washed it first just in case the color ran when/if it (hopefully never) got wet. 

Tip: If you are eating anything remotely messy, cover these babies in towels. After all of this work, you don't want a guest to come over and spill food all over them!

Please let me know if you attempt these. I am writing this tutorial four months after building these, so I might have left some things out. It's my husband's original design though so we're going from memory! Good luck...

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