DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Have you ever been in the market for a dining room table? If you have, you know how expensive this vital piece of furniture can be. Not only do you have to buy the table, but individual matching chairs as well!

We have a rather long space to fill in our dining room, so it was hard to find the perfect table. Plus, I wanted to be able to seat a lot of people and the idea of buying 10 chairs was overwhelming to me.

Obvious answer... DIY.

It all started at Lowe's Home Improvement. My husband and I spent about 3 hours in the lumber aisle designing this table. Since we had no plans to follow, we kind of made it up as we went. Hence, the 3 hours we spent at Lowe's that day. I even posted about it on Instagram and @LowesHomeImprovement responded to it {!!!}.

We ended up with pre-cut solid pine panels. We decided to purchase these because all of the natural wood was somewhat warped and we needed these to be level. 

We found these black connecting bolts at Home Depot and the Olympic flat white paint at Lowe's. 

Since we made this table so long ago, I don't really remember the exact measurements. However, if I get legitimate interest in the design of this table, then I'll go measure and share them. Email me at if you're interested :) 

Here are some pictures I took as it was being built though. This will give you a good idea of its frame and architecture. 

How genius is this idea? I'll give my hubs the credit for this one. I went ahead and threw in a "Pin it" button, if you want to remember for future reference :) 

I love the design details that John added to this table. I think the black screws are my favorite though. 

Here it is one more time, our pride and joy. We're so proud of this piece and everyone is always so impressed when we tell them that it is homemade. 

See those matching upholstered benches? Tutorial will be up soon! 


  1. Wow, very cool, Hilary! I am seriously impressed, you guys did a great job! I love the black screws, too, can't wait to see how your benches came together :)

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