4th of July Recap

I officially had the best 3rd of July! John and I threw together a semi-last minute party, which resulted in a tri-tip and hot dog feast for 17 people. It was our first major gathering at our house and we had a blast. I threw together some quick decorations before the party. Literally... two hours before everyone showed up. 

These little flags were a freebie from Pick Your Plum last year. Luckily I cut them out last year and never used them.

Festive bubble sticks? Yes please. 

My American flag bouquet came in handy as the centerpiece. I also finally had an excuse to use my blue mason jars! Perfect to hold utensils and Pick Your Plum paper straws. 

I found these in the dollar section at Target a while back, so I was stoked that I got to finally use them. I quickly cut rectangles out of wax paper and stacked them up for dinner. 

This was the table display that I threw together.

I snapped a picture as I walked out my front door. Our street is full of children. Like, at least 20 kids under the age of 8, no joke. They've never socialized with us before, but we were having so much fun outside of our house that they all flocked to our side of the street and started playing. We had a bean bag toss, capture the flag, whiffle ball and a soccer game all going at the same time. 

Since our town set off fireworks right down the street from us, we all gathered our lawn chairs and walked just a bit to get in front of the trees. Turns out that's where our whole street goes too, so that was fun! Then we came back and played with sparklers. By "we", I mean everyone else. I'm scared to death of fire and the thought of that just freaks me out. So I grabbed my iPhone and took a great #instavideo. My friends have some moves.

Once everyone left, our two friends stayed for a dance party. That was at like 11, so we pretty much danced the night away. 

It's safe to say that we have started a new tradition. 
July 3, 2014: Be there or be square.

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  1. How fun! It looks like everyone had a great time! Your table display is cute, cute! It's amazing how fast things can be pulled together when a party forms at the last second, great job! Aren't those blue mason jars the best? They're g-o-n-e from stores in my neck of the woods. I knew I should have bought two flats when I had the chance. Oh well, I'm happy to have the ones I do :)


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