DIY Vinyl Roll Storage

I did it. I think I finally came up with a legitimate way to store my vinyl! I'm pretty sure every crafter with a die cut machine or a heat press has this issue. I've seen multiple ideas thrown out on craft blogs, Pinterest and Facebook groups. My problem has always been that I want my storage to be compact and very well organized. 

Luckily I had all of the supplies on-hand to add these X shelves to my existing Martha Stewart cubes. Who doesn't love a free project? 

Martha Stewart Cubed bookshelf
(2) 1" x 10' lumber
White Paint
Table saw

Step 1: These boards started out as 1" x 10' pieces of lumber. We {my husband} cut them into 9.5" wide by 14.5" long rectangles. Cut 2 per cube. I had 9 cubes, so we cut 18 of them. 

Step 2: Find the center of your board and cut approximately a 1" wide rectangle through it until you reach the center of the board. As you can see from the above picture, these cuts are far from perfect. Measure Once, Cut Twice... that's what I always say. It's ok though if they aren't perfect. You'll see below that it doesn't matter. Unless you're a perfectionist. If that's the case, then check all of my measurements because I could be giving you wrong information at any point here. :) 

Step 3: Assemble your X shelves. It's ok if they are loose fitting. Seriously. They go into cubes, which support the shape and they will be full of vinyl anyway so nobody will notice. 

Step 4: Paint those babies. I chose white because that seems to be my favorite color lately. You could do the rainbow and make one X shelf for every shade of vinyl you have. Or all one color {like pink!} and have the shelves pop against the white bookshelf. That part is up to you. 

And there you have it. Cheap, easy {if you or someone you know has a saw!} and extremely organized. Each side of my X has a purpose. Top & Left: Permanent & Temporary Vinyl, Right: Heat Transfer Vinyl, Bottom: Specialty Vinyl. 


  1. Love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing

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