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It's finally that time. The rumors have finally come true. We've been hearing gossip for years about Google Friend Connect shutting down and on July 1st it is finally happening. Luckily I have never really put too much effort into building up my GFC count. I could imagine that this is a sad, sad day for those blogs with thousands of GFC followers.

There's a new {much cooler} kid on the block though, so let's all move on and make it happen. Here is how you can import your entire GFC blog list into Bloglovin. Super easy, but get it done right away because after Monday it may not be an option anymore!
  1. Click this:
  2. Sign or create an account
  3. Click 'Google Reader'
  4. Click 'Import from Google Reader'
  5. Click 'Allow Access'
  6. Done! You're back in action. 
Don't forget that Bloglovin has an awesome app that will help you keep your reading list organized and current for you. 

If you're really not into this Bloglovin thing, please at least follow me on Facebook or at LEAST Pinterest. That would be really nice of you :) 

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