Friday Favorites: Globes & Maps

Globes and maps are all the rage lately. I'd even go as far as saying globes are the new chevron. Not even close to the same thing, I know, but I'm equally obsessed. I always think about taking a lunch break and searching the Goodwill near my work for a globe, but I just never get around to it. To my surprise, I pulled up to John's Grandparent's garage sale the other day and there it was. My dream globe! I've never been more obsessed with something. {ok, that's a lie}. 

Here she is. Perfect condition, gold base, bright blue water. A perfect fit for our home. 

Have you seen my Maps & Globes Pinterest board? Here are some of my favorite projects using globes and maps. 

Fabric States Project by The Bruce Bunch

I'm definitely inspired. Now I just need to get out of this chair and do something about it!

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