Last Week's Featured Posts

I had a really exciting week last week! Three of my projects were featured on some of my favorite crafting and DIY blogs. This is kind of a big deal for me because it shows that someone actually cares. That these blog posts aren't just going into a black hole. Also, my Pinterest has been booming lately and some of my projects that I posted months ago are starting to gain lots of traction. I'm loving this! 

Here are the links and posts that were featured. Please visit the blogs who support me and show them some love. 

The 36th Avenue put together a list of 4th of July DIY Projects last week, and my Quick & Easy 4th of July Fabric Wreath Tutorial was featured!

Not only that, but The Washi Blog featured my DIY Washi Tape Letter!

AND to top it all off... my Low Calorie Sweet Strawberry Lemonade was featured on Ginger Snap Crafts as part of her 25 Berry Recipes round up

I'm about to reach a really exciting milestone here any day now. Hopefully tomorrow. Eek! It's a HUGE deal for me. I'll share once it happens :) 

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