Quick & Easy 4th of July Fabric Wreath Tutorial

Guess where I went the other day? HOBBY LOBBY. The greatest craft store ever. It's like two hours away from my house, so it was quite a treat that I got to spend a couple of hours in there the other day. Along with a million other ideas I had going through my head as I walked the shelves, I decided that I wanted to make a wreath. Turns out this was really easy and took no time at all to complete!

Supplies: Wreath form, scissors, fabric, pins. 
Start by cutting strips of fabric about 2-3 inches wide. They don't need to be even because it will all blend when they get wrapped around the wreath. 

Start wrapping the fabric by pinning the end of one strip to the wreath. Wrap, wrap, wrap. When your strip runs out, tuck a new strip under it, put a pin through both strips to secure them down and keep wrapping. Make sure all of your seams end up on the back of the wreath. 

Once it's all wrapped up, tie a hanger on it {I chose burlap} and you're done! I had a cardboard star that I painted gold and hung in the middle of it as well. A little bunting would be cute too!
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