Striving for Imperfection

Do you ever get overwhelmed with Pinterest and start thinking that you will never be as perfect as the people behind those amazing craft blogs? I sure do. As hard as I try, literally nothing I do comes out perfectly.  Nothing.

Today I got the urge to break out my sewing machine, cut some fabric and go for it. No measurements, no needles to hold my strips of fabric in place, no clean edges. Just cut and sew. I know nothing about sewing by the way. I know how to thread the machine and do a back stitch a couple stitches after you do a forward stitch to lock it into place. I don't even know what that process is called. 

I know, it looks like a 5 year old who is learning to sew made this. Guess what though, I don't care. I put absolutely no effort into caring about the result of this. I knew it wouldn't be perfect, so instead of striving for perfection, I strove strived shot for imperfection. 

Just think if we didn't care about what other people thought. 
What would you do?


  1. Nothing I do comes out right, either, and I've been sewing for years. Don't worry. I think some of those people are fake. :-) Like maybe they're robots or something. Ha ha. Anyway, I think it looks really rustic and cute.

    The going back and forth has a name but I don't know what it is either. No worries.

    Just have fun!

  2. i personally love this flag project you did!! girl, i have NO idea how to sew and do not even own a sewing machine. i think sometimes when we do aim for perfection, we miss out on the fun and carefree-ness of doing something we love or for just because. hmmm...there is alot i would do if i didnt care so much what others trying really hard lately (slowly but surely) to not let other's opinions, esp ones that differ from mine, stop me from doing what makes me happy--even if it's a certain outfit combo! :)


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