Golf Party & Weekend Recap

We went to my Grandpa's 92nd birthday this weekend in San Luis Obispo. My whole family is from there, so my sister, dad, John and I go a couple of times a year. I was in charge of decorations, so I decided to go with a golf theme. I didn't go all out, but added a couple of touches that really brightened things up. 

I discovered the Print & Cut feature on my Silhouette this past weekend. Seriously how have I never used this before?! Here is a closer up look of the details on the banner. 

I broke out my Unique Father's Day Card project from last year to add as decor on the table. 

Then downloaded some shapes on the Silhouette and cut out a ton of them to scatter around the green tablecloth as confetti. I purchased some golf tees and made some other Print & Cut images to scatter as well. 

This was one of many cakes that we had that night. I added this banner to our angel food cake with frosting (my fave). I just used some Pick Your Plum paper straws, PYP twine & PYP washi tape to add some greenery to our meal. 

Here is John and my grandpa by the BBQ. John turned into our family chef a couple of years ago, so he was in charge of 4 huge tri-tips, plus a huge pot of chili. As usual, he did a great job and everyone was totally impressed with his cooking skills!

I dragged my sister, cousin and John downtown for my annual shopping trip. If you've ever been to downtown SLO, then you'll know why I look forward to it every year! This was a funny shot I got of John in front of Beverly's. I realize you can't see the sign, but he was in front of the "husband drop-off area". 

Here I am sitting in my uncle's new Corvette with my cousin posing alongside. 

Although we were only there for 2 short days, we had a great time and I think we all agreed this was one of our most memorable parties. Lots of stories to tell after a weekend of 14 people in a room together! 

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