Repurposed Credenza Tutorial

I don't know if you've noticed yet, but as I reveal more pictures of my house, it is becoming apparent that white is by far my favorite decorating color. White on white on white. We bought this credenza from World Market for our old house. It used to be a dark brown wood color {see below}. Great at the time, but not so much anymore. Our new house has a built in TV nook, so we repurposed this into a piece of furniture for our master bedroom. 

Frames: Aaron Brothers | Owl: Marshalls| Silver Vase & White Vase: Michaels
Instead of filling these large white frames with pictures, I put patterned paper in them to create a finished look without too many distracting images. 

Candle Sticks: World Market | Candles: Home Goods
What's better than white? Clear.  

Managerial Finance, Financial Accounting, Business Law. Who actually uses texts books after college? Not me. The stacked books added an extra dimension and layer to the credenza so that the candles would stand taller next to the picture frames. 

Crystal Knobs: World Market
I found a tip on Pinterest that recommended the Zinsser 2004 "Bulls-eye" Primer Sealer and Stain Killer 1-2-3. It worked great! We didn't have to do any sanding or stripping. All we did was paint on a couple coats of this white primer and it was ready for paint. We painted it with our old standby: BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Hi-Gloss Enamel from The Home Depot. 

I can't wait to show you the rest of our master bedroom! It literally feels like heaven every time I walk in the room. 


  1. I have been in a white period too lately, which is nuts because for years I was stuck in all white apartments and hated it.... what is happening to me?

  2. I just love the credenza you've brought from the World Market. White color of that credenza is nice. I love white color and decoration within my apartment and looking forward to grab a similar shape and color while credenza for my home. Thanks.

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