DIY Coffee Table with Interchangeable Tabletop

You guys. I'm really excited about this. Let's start with the fact that you can change out the tabletop for any occasion. That's just fabric under the glass, so it's super easy to switch out whenever you feel like it! 
This is probably my favorite piece of furniture that we've built because it's a totally custom design by my husband. As you've probably figured out, we attempted to build or refurbish as much furniture as possible for our new house {dining room table, benches, bedroom furniture and lots more that I haven't revealed yet!}. When John started designing this table, I had lots of {maybe too much} input in this one. I must say that our teamwork helped create an awesome product though. 
{I don't know if these are exact anymore, don't follow these dimensions!}
Since this table was made like 7 months ago, I'm not going to list out every detail. Mainly because I will probably give you bad information and you will definitely end up "cutting twice". However, I did take lots of pictures, so I'll try to break it down so that you can get an idea of how it was made if you want to attempt it.  

Making the frame
1| Sand all of your wood. 2| Cut 45 degree angles so that they all fit together. 3| Wood glue them together. 4| Let the wood glue dry. 

Strengthening the Frame
5 & 6| We put corner brackets on the inside corners to strengthen the frame. 7| Just to be safe, we also put in tiny furniture nails to secure the corners. 8| Final frame. 

Building the Base
9| We found this clear 24" x 36" piece of glass at Ace Hardware. This is what we based all of our measurements off of. {Maybe I should have showed you this before step 1.} 10| This is a piece of plywood that we cut to the exact size of the 24" x 36" glass. The glass will eventually sit on top of it. 11 & 12| We put supports in to hold up the plywood and glass. Put your glass down, then the plywood, then the supporting pieces. Lay the frame down around everything and make sure this is all being done on a flat surface. Install some more L brackets to keep the supports into place. 

13| This is a picture of my husband pretending he's in jail. 14| We kind of cheated here and bought pre-made table legs. Similar to this, but you can choose your height. Lowe's has tools to help easily install these legs too. Check them out here. 15 & 16| Install the brackets and screw in your table leg. 

Measure Once, Cut Twice Tip of the Day: Screwing a square leg into a tight square corner physically won't work. Screw the table leg into the bracket BEFORE screwing the bracket to the table!

The Tabletop
17| So you've got your table base.... 18| Your piece of plywood for the top...19| Your fabric... 20| ...and your glass.

Oh yeah, you need to paint everything at some point...

Customizing the Interchangeable Tabletop
Here is the beauty of this table. The fabric can be changed out for any occasion! Since the plywood tabletop and glass are easily removable, you can switch up the design whenever you want! Halloween? Christmas? Valentine's Day? Yes please.

21| Lay your fabric over the board and make sure your pattern is even. It would be a lot easier if there were no straight patterned lines in your fabric. Of course we chose one that had them. 22| Use a staple gun to make sure the fabric is wrinkle-free against the board. 23| Once the whole thing is stapled to the plywood, we used FrogTape {or any removable tape} to make sure the edge of the fabric stays down. 24| The plywood board, covered in beautiful, wrinkle-free fabric! 

Let me know if you have any questions. If you are legitimately interested in the measurements of this table, just let me know and I'll get on my hands and knees and start measuring things! Email me:

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  1. This is soooo pretty! I love it! Love that you can change out that center piece!


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