one little word

Besides the obvious Taylor Swift reference, I chose the word fearless for my word this year because I think it's time to take some safe out of my life. LITRALLY, everything I do is well thought out. I'm not going to say that's a bad thing, because I'd say I'm pretty successful thus far, but it's time to step out of my box a little.
Maybe I'll take a random trip to the beach this year. Maybe John and I will go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. Maybe I will walk up to a group of people and introduce myself. 
Maybe, maybe, maybe. I will.

I will try new things. 
I will eat new foods. I will talk to strangers.
I will take random Friday afternoons off work to do something fun.
I will encourage my husband to quit his job and pursue his dreams. Yikes.

You never know.
I might even get the guts to walk into a restaurant wearing a beanie without curling my hair first. 
Yeah. I said it.
She's fearless people, watch out.

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