Color Code Your Calendar Using Washi Tape

Tis the season of new calendars and fresh starts. One of my favorite activities {if you can call it that} is filling things out. Whether it is medical forms, to-do lists, planners or calendars, I just love it. There's something so satisfying about filling in all of the boxes. I probably sound insane.

Anyway. Target, as per usual, has the cutest calendars right now. I'm really trying to blog consistently this year. I'm also trying to mix up my posts a bit so I can keep things fresh. I also want to follow through with the multiple series that I have started. So hopefully you'll see a Dollar Spot Diaries post every week, along with Friday Favorites, Photo-A-Day recaps and DIY crafts. So how do I plan on keeping track of all that? Insert: washi tape. What a great invention. Non-permanent tape that you can re-position multiple times? Perf.

I created a "key" that tells me which color tape represents which topic category. I keep my key on this great little notepad that I got from the Target Dollar Spot and use a thin sharpie to write on the tape. As you can see, I didn't follow through with my post on the 21st, so I'll just pick it up and move it to a different day. This has happened multiple times already and the washi tape still sticks every time.

You could use this concept for daily life as well. For example, different patterns for each kid, separate colors to distinguish between life and work, etc. If you have a blog, how do you organize your posts? Is it a free-for-all or do you try to mix things up a bit?

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  1. You do not sound insane. I love filling out forms, too! Wait, maybe we both sound insane now? :-) This is a great idea; I didn't realize washi tape was removable and reusable!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love any excuse to use that tape. This is brilliant!

    Newest follower here :)


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