Valentine's Day Charger

Happy Monday everyone! 
Today I'm going to share a very easy Valentine's Day decoration. First of all, have you seen the new V-Day Decor at Michael's? So cute. I found this blue teal aqua{?} sparkly charger the other day and just had to have it. This project doesn't require much instruction, but I'll tell you anyway...

I cut the center image and hearts using my Silhouette. I used permanent vinyl just in case I want to put baked goods on it someday {although you're not supposed to eat off vinyl}. If you don't have a Silhouette, you can use any type of sticker you want since this is mainly for display purposes. 

See how perfect that bow is? #ididthat 
I got this great little tool called a Bowdabra over the holidays. If you are fully incapable of tying a cute bow like I am, then you needBowdabra. It definitely falls into my top 10 must-have craft tools {post coming soon}. I attached that bow using a few Zots and ta-da!

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