FMS Photo-A-Day Recap: Week Two

We've made it through our second week of 2014. Hopefully you've gotten back into your routine after the holidays and were able to start fresh in the new year. I have actually been doing pretty well with my goal to take a photo each day. Some days I don't go many places, which, as you will see, results in lots of pictures of my dogs. 

Day 6: Happens Everyday
Most everyday I end up on the couch with my laptop. Fifi is my little sidekick and sits on top of me at all times. She makes it really hard to do my blogging sometimes, but for some reason I never move her. Look at that little head of hers!

Day 7: Upside Down
This is our other dog Modok. Unlike Fifi, he is not allowed on the couch, but apparently does it anyway. I took this picture using my flash in the pitch dark that night when I came downstairs unexpectedly. He is usually in his own bed by the morning. 

Day 8: Lucky Number
Ok, well I don't particularly have a lucky number. I never played sports and I've never been too partial to a specific number. Today I'm going to choose seven though. That's basically everyone's favorite number already, so I'll go with that. Why seven? Because that's how many kernels of kibble Fifi puts aside when she is eating. I have no idea why she does this. Maybe seven is her lucky number too. 

Day 9: Natural
How incredible is this picture? I took it through the windshield while John was driving us to work. Obviously I have a lot of filters on it, but wow. This is winter in California. 

Day 10: Manmade
Talk about Measure Once, Cut Twice. John and I thought we could make cookies with no eggs. Apparently we didn't do a good job Google searching egg alternatives because these definitely turned into our Craftastrophe Of The Day #COTD

Day 11: Looking Down
I can't even imagine what the people in this hot air balloon saw when they looked down. These people are floating over Wine Country at sunrise. I love the neighborhood we live in. This was the view only blocks from my house as I was driving to work one morning.

12. Colorful
This is my husband's office. We each have our "own" rooms in our house. This is his comic book/guitar/drums/drawing/history room. He covered one entire wall in comic book covers and it is quite colorful.

It's not too late to join in on #FMSPhotoADay. 
Check out my week one post to see the prompts.

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