Dollar Spot Diaries: Coupon Keeper

Welcome to my first installment of Dollar Spot Diaries
I came to the realization that I visit Target at least weekly and have purchased basically everything in the Dollar Spot aisles. The problem? I get home and never know what to do with any of it. So today is the day I stop hoarding and start crafting.
One of my financial goals for the new year is to use more coupons. I usually save all applicable coupons with good intention of using them, but when the time comes they always seem to be in my second to left kitchen drawer at home. Fail.
So here is my tip of the day. Go to the Target Dollar Spot, grab one of these cute little file pocket things. We're going to call it a coupon keeper. I bought two, because of course I couldn't only buy one.
Now gather all of your coupons. I separated mine into six categories: Home, Grocery, Beauty, Retail, Crafts, Other
Once you figure out the different categories, it is time to put labels on the tabs. The coupon keeper should come with white labels to put on each one. Be careful. This is not an easy task.
I'm going to introduce a new term to you today. I basically just made it up. You know what OOTD means, right? {Outfit Of The Day} Well, my new thing is #COTD, Craftastrophe Of The Day. Let's be honest, it happens daily to the best of us. Don't be ashamed. #COTD, pass it on.

Tips on how not to royally screw this
whole labeling thing up like I did: 
1. Make sure you use a pen that won't smear.
2. Write on the labels before you stick them on the folder.
3. Don't have crappy handwriting.
4. Don't try to trick the system by cutting out minuscule labels using vinyl with your Silhouette. It won't work. Trust me.
5. If you do mess up the labels, that trusty $1 coupon keeper comes with 6 extra. 

I ended up numbering each tab and then making a key with Silhouette vinyl. You could simply use a Sharpie if you're not as neurotic as I am. The main goal here is to carry coupons with you at all times! 

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