Easy New Year's Eve Hostess Gift

Happy New Year! Do you have any plans? Hopefully you're going to someone else's house to celebrate New Year's. I don't know about you, but my Christmas decorations came down on the 26th this year. I was ready to move on. One problem though... my house looks like a skeleton. I'm so glad that I'm not hosting a party this year.I need to do some major decorating before I'll be willing to let a large group of people in my house again! 
John and I are going to celebrate NYE at his mom's this year. She just remodeled her kitchen, so she's really excited to host us for the evening. Although I don't need to decorate for the holiday, that doesn't mean I can't do some crafting, right? It's only proper to bring your hostess a gift! Since we don't drink, I currently only have access to Martinelli's at my house, but I will be switching this out for a bottle of champagne before tomorrow. 
I don't think I've mentioned how much I love Target in this post yet. Seriously, I LURRRVVEEE Target. Have you been post-Christmas? Run, don't walk. Everything is on clearance and all holiday decor is really freaking cheap. I was able to get this black and gold platter for less than $4. I also got a whole lot of other crap stuff. You know, that I totally can't live without. So grab a bottle of bubbly, run to Target, fill your cart with cheap decor and throw together some NYE gifts.
This whole project took me like 15 minutes, max. I'm not even going to do a tutorial because there are no rules. Throw some stuff around a bottle and call it complete. Along with my ornament & bow from Target, I wrapped a gold bow around, made a black accordion fan and cut an image on my Silhouette. 
Really easy. And I'm not just saying that to look cool.

I hope you have a happy, safe and fun New Year!

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