2013 Thanksgiving Recap

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in San Luis Obispo this year. My dad's whole family gathers at his parent's house to enjoy the holiday together. It is a big deal in my family and we usually have between 20-25 people around the table. 

Naturally, I am tasked with the decorating. I try to do something different every year, but this year I just didn't have time to put very much effort into it. Since I'm about 5 hours away from home, I also try to make all of my decorates somewhat disposable. 
Target and Michaels to the rescue! 
I managed to decorate our Thanksgiving table {at the last minute} by laying out white plastic tablecloths {Target} and running a small roll of kraft paper with white polka dots down the center {Target dollar spot}. To make it look more formal, I rolled out gold sparkly tulle and burlap jute {Michael's}, then tied a knot about every foot with a tiny gold ribbon. This added lots of dimension to the table and instantly made it look complete. As you can see in the first picture above, I wrapped sticks of gold balls {what is that called?!} around the center fabrics for added color.  Finally, I bought some pre-potted flowers at the grocery store and called it complete. Pretty good considering I left my house with absolutely nothing!
Since my immediate family stays at my Grandpa's house during the week, John has stepped into the "head chef" role for Thanksgiving. He has been in charge of turkey for about 3 years now. Lot's of pressure! He wakes up early to keep a close eye on it and always does a great job. 
This is my cousin and I on Thanksgiving at Target. Now that stores are opening on Thursday night, we started going out to experience Black Friday-Eve. Of course, we also spend all day shopping on Black Friday as well. SUCH great deals!
We headed out to Avila Beach for brunch that weekend. We go to San Luis Obispo at least twice a year, but never do any tourist-y things. Avila Beach isn't far away so we enjoyed some new scenery. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!

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