Transforming Your Kitchen Cabinets From Drab to Fab {part one}

The very first task that I worked on when we got the keys to our new house was ripping out drawer liners in the kitchen and bathrooms. You know the feeling, right? When other people's crumbs, germs and hair (gross) are still lingering in your space. 

This was a very daunting chore for me. When I really started to think about it, I realized there are a crap load of drawers and shelves in my house. I knew I couldn't put anything away until it was done though, so I charged forward {and asked my mom to come help me}.  
{For about thirty seconds there I thought I made this up. Turns out I didn't, but here I go anyway...}


I purchased a couple packs of aqua and grey self adhesive drawer liners a while back in anticipation of having to do this task some day. I've been really obsessed with blues lately, so I was thrilled when I found these great chevron patterns on Amazon at a really affordable price of only $11.99 per two pack {they are currently on sale for buy 3, get 1 pack free!}. I went to at least 6 stores locally trying to find cute contact paper and everything I found was so plain and boring. I was instantly obsessed when I came across these ones! 

All you need is a blade or pair of scissors, some shelf liner and some patience. It will be totally worth it in the end, I promise!


  1. Um thank you so much for posting that link to amazon! We are about to move and I would love to have adorable shelf paper for our drawers and cabinets :)


  2. Liked this post. Maybe it will give me the nudge to get my kitchen overhaul started and completed. Following you from the bloglovin hop.


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