Live Without Pretending

Hey strangers! It has been a really long time since I last blogged. Two reasons: One, my life was the opposite of glamorous and interesting for the first 2.5 months of this year. Two, mid-March my life became really busy {& still not very glamorous} when we finally got to move into our new house! 

The point of this post today is regarding bloggers who tend to make their lives look perfect at all times. They post pictures of their immaculate houses, their perfectly home cooked meals and their laughing children. Well, as much as I would prefer you thinking that about me, it just isn't true. 
Do you want to see how we've been living since December? 

Not that I'm complaining even one bit. Especially looking back now. We stayed at my MIL's house after we sold our house and crammed as much as we could into two bedrooms (ok, maybe three... plus the garage). Thank God she has a big enough house that we were able to spread out and not cause too much chaos in her daily operation (I hope!). 

The first night that we were homeless, we tried sleeping in the spare full-sized bed. What a joke. We were knocking each other off the edge all night and quickly realized that was not going to be a long term solution. So the next day we dragged our California King bed upstairs. Our bed frame was in storage, so we slept on the ground. The full size mattress was pushed up against the wall in one corner and its wood bed frame in the other corner. Kind of ghetto, but it worked. 

So then on the other side of our room was a bookshelf, which turned into a jewelry holder, scrapbook paper & craft supply holder (which I never used), a spot to stick my Pick Your Plum loot and a shoe rack. Then on the right we had a stack of baskets full of socks and underwear under storage bins full of important files. Cute, huh?  
Oh yeah, more storage bins and some overflowing laundry baskets. 
And then there was a room just full of crap. Crap that I purchased over the last 4 months in preparation for the house that I was eventually going to have. See those Home Goods bags stacked high in this picture? The items in there are to die for. Can you tell what they are? 

Then came the day. The day that we finally had a house to call our own. I think that was a happy day for all. Whether anyone will admit it or not. 

{Ok, everyone admits it.}

Stay tuned, our new house reveal is coming soon!


  1. Welcome back! Excited to see your new space!

  2. lol i love your honesty and humor, "bunch of crap"...hey you had your priorities in order :) happy to see/read your new post! xo


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