How We Became Homeless

{keeper of the POD}

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Well, I do. If you can bare with me through this really long story, you'll understand why I feel like we were meant to become "homeless".

Let me start the story by explaining that we officially got the keys to our first home on October 19, 2009. I remember that specifically because that was the day I turned 21. Fast forward exactly 3 years to when I received a random text from our realtor explaining that she has a client looking for a house in our neighborhood and, due to the extreme lack of inventory in Sonoma County, they were wondering if we'd like to show our house. Random, right? But we thought, "what the heck," and decided not to pass up the opportunity.

Our house ended up not being a good fit for the client. However, there was a house two doors down for sale, which I ended up visiting with my realtor and her client {mainly because I'm just a really curious person}. It was there that we ended up running into another realtor with clients interested in the neighborhood. Since our neighbor's house was bank-owned and crappy, they asked to look at ours. Again, we had no intention of selling our house, but still allowed the second clients to walk through anyway.

Turns out that they fell in love with our house and submitted an offer right away. After a couple of counter-offers back and forth, John and I decided to back out of the deal. It was moving way too fast and we didn't want to regret taking the first offer.

At this point, a couple of days had passed and our curiosity was sparked. We decided to list our house on MLS to just see what would happen. We had just paid off our debt {yay!} and spent all year saving cash for our future home, so we were excited at the possibility of moving a lot sooner than expected.

The stars aligned and a week later, after receiving multiple offers, we accepted an all-cash offer at a much higher price than we ever imagined. Score! Except there was one problem... now what?! We had 1500 sq ft of furniture, two dogs, a garage full of crap and only 15 days to vacate our home.

Long story short, our entire house is currently locked up in a POD, the dogs are with my mom and we're living in my Mother-in-Law's spare bedroom. To be honest, it's really not that bad. Though I had no craft room and no house to decorate for the holidays, I'm really {really} excited about the new projects and opportunities our future home will bring. Not that we have any idea where we are going to be living, but still.

I hope to be back very soon with some sort of update on our future home. Please cross your fingers/pray/send good vibes out for us!

Here are a few pictures I took during the move:

John had way too much coffee one day. I sat back and drank my Diet Pepsi while he put on a little show. 

 Our poor dog Modok knew something big was happening. Every time I sat down to pack, he would lay in my lap and fall asleep. He isn't much of a lap dog anymore, but he was just too cute to turn away!

The left picture is of my entire craft room packed up into storage bins. So sad for me! 
Right shows our dining room almost completely full of packed boxes. You can't really tell how many layers and how full the room got from this picture. 

This is me in my really cute packing outfit. John's shirt, Paige Denim ultra-skinny jeans and Converses. Really attractive, I know. 

 Have you ever been to the dump? I hadn't until this trip. Can you say DISGUSTING?! 

I hope to be back with some good news soon! Until then...


  1. I can relate. Our house sold in less than a day. We had 3 weeks to find a new house in a new city. My husband bought it without me seeing it.
    It has a very tiny kitchen.

    Stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop!

  2. That is such a blessing that you were able to sell your house so quickly and at a price that was good for you! I hope you find a new home, soon!

  3. Bless your heart....sounds like a whirlwind. It's great that you were able to sell your home and make a profit! I'll be praying you guys find your perfect place. Also, loved the caffeine induced show, lol. Your husband looks like a whole lot of fun. :-)

  4. Wow. I hope something good works out for you soon. I'm sure that one day you will be looking back on this and maybe even laughing about it a little.


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