2013 New Year's Resolutions

Numbers 1 through 5 relate to real life and 6 through 10 are blog related.
A few of these need further explanation: 

1. Be a better wife: My number one resolution for 2013 is to be a better wife. Why? Because I've spent the last year and a half (almost 10 years if you count pre-marriage) being waited on hand and foot. John literally cooks and serves me everything I eat, does all of our laundry and cleans our house. He just makes my life way too easy and I think it is time to give back! Last year I set a goal to learn how to cook, but since that clearly isn't happening anytime soon, I'm going to at least learn how to use my new crock pot. 

2. Practice proactive laziness:  Do you know what proactive laziness is? It means doing that thing now that you know you'll dread later. John came up with this term and it really works. So this is the year of tackling projects and not putting things off. From simple things like responding to emails and sending out thank you cards, to finishing home projects and working out... this is the year things are going to get done. 

9. Interact better with other bloggers: I'm really bad about this and I am sorry. I gained a lot of followers this year and really should be interacting with you more. I promise to work on this! 
How did I do on my 2012 resolutions? 
  1. At first I did ok, but towards the end of the year I kind of slowed down. Overall I think I followed through with this one. 
  2. This actually did happen!
  3. This happened too, but only because we sold our house and now I have no projects in progress. Sad face. 
  4. Besides the Hunger Games series, this did not happen whatsoever. 
  5. This happened for a while, but magically came back. I'll be working on this again here soon. 
  6. Fail.
  7. I spent a LOT of time alone in my craft room this year. That was by choice though!
  8. Fail.
  9. John hurt his ankle at the beginning of this year, so we didn't walk the dogs nearly as much as we should have. Now we have a fat pug :(
  10. I did a really good job at trying to keep true to this resolution. It sure helped my stress levels!


  1. I love the proactive laziness resolution. I am so bad at that . Good luck on your resolutions and Happy New Year!
    Ashley @ Mrs. Mama

  2. This is a great list of resolutions! Good luck with them :) Oh, and I am totally adding your resolution #2 to my list! Happy New Year

  3. What a great list! Good luck! :) I'm not good at picking out resolutions but I did pick a word for this year!!!


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