Start Fresh Buy New: The benefits of purchasing a new home

When we started our home buying process, we thought that we wanted to move back to our hometown and into one of the two neighborhoods that we grew up in. After looking at dozens of homes between our hometown of Santa Rosa and our first home in the Town of Windsor, we quickly realized that Windsor was the place to be. Why? Because the houses in Windsor are much newer.

Our first house wasn't very old, but it still had its fair share of issues. All manageable, but boy did it cost a lot to fix them. We did everything from replacing the roof within the first year of living there, to remodeling the bathrooms and adding modern touches like new light fixtures.
{Our first home, built in 1989}

When we were getting ready to put our house on the market, we went through the process of home and pest inspections. Do you know what my least favorite term is? "Section 1". That statement alone is why I am SO relieved that we ended up purchasing a newer home. If you aren't familiar with this term, it means that you have some existing dry rot, fungus or pest issues that need to be addressed before the transaction is complete. The house we sold wasn't too bad, but there was about $5,000 worth of work that needed to be done to clear Section 1. 
{Our second home, built in 2007}

Fast-forward a couple of months to the day we got inspection results on our new house. Not one thing showed up on the report. We were THRILLED! That meant we were able to spend our budget on aesthetic repairs that we WANTED to do, not that we HAD to do. 

One of the other reasons we decided to purchase a home in a newer neighborhood was because of the large square footage and open floor plans. The houses that are being built these days are being designed with the modern family in mind. Tons of storage, open floor plans, and a more spacious design overall. 

{Even our stairs are a spacious five feet wide} 

Case in point, our new house was built in 2007 and is 2500 square feet. I would have thought that I was living in a mansion if I grew up in a house that big 20 years ago! {Anybody living outside of CA probably thinks this is small… I wish!} I will be forever grateful to whoever designed the closet in the master bedroom of my house. It literally has more square footage than one of our bedrooms. And the cupboard space? … to die for.
{I actually have EMPTY cupboards in our house. This is just extra storage that they added downstairs. So. Much. Storage.}

Did you know that, on average, newly built homes offer 3x the closet space, higher ceilings and offer twice the bathroom space? Check out some other reasons on why home buyers prefer to buy new homes vs. used homes. The best part is that new homes don't necessarily cost more than older ones. In fact, ours cost a whole lot less than some of the older homes we were originally looking at. BHI's Start Fresh Buy New website has great information and resources on how to go about buying a new house, where to find them and facts on why to buy one. The fact that we didn't have to put money into fixing things up since our house was completely move-in ready, makes me so excited and a total believer in purchasing newly built homes!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. 


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  2. Great post! I have always loved old houses, but the ease of settling right into a new house without having to fix broken things is a huge plus. That's why we went with a newer apartment complex when we move next month.


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