Transforming Your Kitchen Cabinets From Drab to Fab {part two}

For part two of this transformation, I decided to make a major change to the cabinets. I painted the insides of them bright white. 

As I said in part one of this reveal, I found these totally trendy drawer liners a couple of months ago and just held on to them waiting for the moment where I had a house of my own to use them in. They come in two packs for $11.99 from Amazon and are available in amazing patterns and colors. {They are on sale for buy 3 packs, get one free right now!}

Trust me, I went to every store possible looking for cute drawer liners, and these are by far the cutest ones I've ever seen! They are also incredibly affordable, especially considering how much square footage you get compared to a single roll of contact paper that you would find anywhere else. 

I had this Behr pure white eggshell already on hand for some other projects, so I decided that this would be the perfect addition to our cabinets. The pure white paint really made the brightly colored chevron patterns pop. 

Start by pulling out all of the shelves in your cabinets. It sure makes life a whole lot easier! There is no need to paint the shelves since you're going to cover them up anyway. 

Just paint away, making sure you cover every part of the cabinet. Don't miss a spot!

Apply your adhesive drawer liner to the shelves while the paint dries in the cabinets. {My lazy quick tip: apply adhesive to the bottom of the very top shelf because that's the only side that will show!}
P.S. Don't attempt to paint the front of your cupboards with this method. The wood on the inside of your cupboards is a totally different texture than the front doors. At least in my case they are, which is why I didn't have to do any prepping or sanding beforehand. 
Don't forget to check out part one of this transformation reveal! 

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