Friday Favorites: All White Everything

When we started the design and decor process in our new house, we agreed that white would be the main color. Linens, furniture, accessories...all white everything.


One of the main reasons we decided to do this was because we changed up the decor and purchased {and repurchased} multiple bedspreads and pieces of furniture in our old house. We had dark wood furniture and rod-iron accents. It wasn't horrible by any means, but it wasn't what I wanted. 


White is just such a clean and bright looking color. It also matches everything. I was so tired of trying to match pieces of wood furniture from different stores. It never worked out in my favor. That's what I love about white: white at Target is the same as the white at World Market.

{Pottery Barn}

The biggest decision we made was in the linen department. We don't have kids, but we do have dogs. Little monster dogs that jump on everything, whether they wiped their feet off at the door or not {usually not}. Now we have white towels in all of our bathrooms and white linens in our room. So next time John comes home bleeding after a soccer game, or when Fifi runs across our bed with quarter-sized muddy footprints, all I have to do is pour on some bleach and throw them in the wash.

{World Market}

All white everything may sound really boring to some people, but think of all the patterns and accent colors you can bring into a room full of mostly white pieces. Throw pillows, lamp shades or the color of the walls will pop against white and make everything look incredibly elegant.
{Wal Mart}

My final note on this subject is regarding curtains and blinds. Most of the blinds in our house are white, except for the ones in our bedroom. Wood blinds make a room so much darker than it needs to be. It also makes our light grayish white walls look violet. Weird. So it is safe to say that I really support changing out all blinds to white ones like these. Brightly colored curtains can be a great accent to a boring wall, but consider what sheer white curtains would look like as well. They sure pop against any color wall.

{Home DepotUrban Outfitters}

You may or may not be able to take this post as a hint to what my house looks like. I can't wait to show you some of the things we've done so far!!

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  1. When we move to a house I want to do mostly white furnishings too! I completely agree with what you say about it being bright and clean :)



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