Three Things Thursday

Today I'm linking up with Carolina Fireflies and Pretty Living PDX for a new link party they started called Three Things Thursday. I randomly came across one of their posts from last week & thought it would be fun to join in!

Topic of the week: Three things you love to eat!

Alright, so for those of you who know me in real life, you know that I loveeee to eat. Like real food, not salad and that fancy healthy stuff. 
Here are some of my top 3 favorite foods:

#1: Pepsi and Candy Corn

Ok, I know this is actually two things, but I sure love the combo! I look forward to this sweet treat every year around October. I tend to go a bit overboard on the candy corn around Halloween though, so I usually don't eat it during the other 11 months. It seriously is my fave though.

#2: Alpha-Bits Cereal

Do you remember this cereal from a long time ago? This was my FAVORITE cereal growing up and then one day it vanished from the shelves! I Googled it for years, but couldn't find any suppliers. UNTIL, one day I got a text from my sister announcing it was the greatest day of our lives. AND SHE WAS RIGHT. I ran to Target that afternoon and bought four boxes. That was back in 2011 and I have yet to be without Alpha-Bits since.

I was so excited that I wrote a blog post about it that day. 

#3: Macaroni & Cheese with Applesauce

I try not to post pictures of food very much on Instagram and Facebook, mainly because I know people don't really care. One day I was eating this at work and decided to snap a picture of it. That sparked a whole debate over whether this meal is gross or not. {For the record, it's amazing, trust me.} Ever since I was younger, I always poured applesauce on top of my blue box Kraft Mac & Cheese. I recently discovered shelled Mac, which tastes even better with applesauce!
{You know you want to try this now..}

Happy Thursday!

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