This little town we live in: Windsor, CA

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It all started when I was 20 years old. John and I had been dating for a solid 6 years at that point, we were both in college and both desperately wanted to move out of our parent's houses. If you know either of us at all, you'll know that John and I are planners. We are not spontaneous or care-free in any way shape or form.  We started brain storming on how we were going to move in together, how we'd be able to pay for it and where we wanted to live. All through high school and my first part of college, I dreamed of living in some new apartments that were just built in my hometown. That just seemed so grown up to me at the time.  We quickly realized that renting an apartment would be a total waste of that hard earned money we had been saving up for so many years. 

Our town hosts the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon festival every year. 

Then we realized... What does it take to buy a house? We had some savings built up between the two of us and we both had steady jobs. However, we had no idea what it took to purchase a house, how much it would cost {especially where we live in Northern CA}, whether we'd qualify or not, and how the heck we would go from living under our parent's roofs for free, to having a whole house and mortgage of our own.

But guess what... we did it.  

This picture was taken {by the passenger} in Sonoma County, CA

I decided to Facebook message a friend of a family who I used to babysit for. I knew she was a successful realtor in our area and a member of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. I was secretly really scared that she wouldn't take me seriously. Some young kids with $xxxxx saved up want to move out of mommy and daddy's and play grown up. Or at least that's what I assumed all adults thought of us. 

I couldn't have been more wrong! Debbie was so great to us. She explained the steps to take to see if we could even qualify, told us about the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit and signed us up for MLS alerts for homes in our price range.

A picture of the storefronts in downtown Windsor, CA 

Full disclosure: the whole point to this post was to tell you about how much we love love love living in Windsor, California! Sorry for the little side story there...

Ok, so picture this: Rolling green hills everywhere you look. Miles of vineyards surrounding your city. A Town Green where the community gathers for events like farmers markets, movie nights and live concerts. Where all of the commercial entertainment is within walking or biking distance and every neighborhood is built around a park.

After living in Santa Rosa our whole lives, we were always under the impression that the little town just 3 exits north of us was "ghetto". WHAT? Clearly anyone who thinks Windsor is ghetto has never been to Windsor.

John and Modok in downtown Windsor eating ice cream.

We ended up loving it so much here that we purchased our forever home just a mile or so away from our first home. This is such a wonderful community with a small town feel, yet only an hour {or so} from San Francisco, less than an hour to the beach and about four hours to Lake Tahoe. Perfect weather, perfect location.

I mean, yeah, our house prices are like double what they should be, but just visit here and you'll fall in love with our little gateway to Wine Country.

Oh and if I've successfully convinced you to consider purchasing a home in Northern CA, please be sure to contact the best realtor around. She didn't even pay me to say that. She's just that great. It's like getting to work with your BFF all day for months on end. 

{Clicking this picture will lead you to her website} 
Oh you know, just an average conversation between realtor and client :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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