August Photo a Day Challenge Recap


Today is the last day of August, so that means it is time for a #photoadayaug recap!

If you want to join in during the month of September, check out Fat Mum Slim's blog for all the details. Also, a tip to make sure you follow through: save an image of the photo lineup to your home screen so that you can't help but look at it every day!

Here are my Instagram photos from August. I think my favorite part is designing the pictures with all of my favorite apps! I included a screenshot of my favorite apps at the bottom of this post. 

Come find mein Instagram @hillrich! 

 Here are my favorite photo editing apps:

Now for the September list!

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  1. Loved following your #photoaday! They're always great. Thanks for sharing your apps. I always want to ask you. :)


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