Gearing Up For No Spendtember

What would you do if you couldn't spend any money on frivolous stuff
Do you really need it? 

We're approaching the holiday season, which means there is about to be quite a dent in your pocket book. My husband and I decided to challenge ourselves to a month of NO SPENDING. The month of September 2012 is officially No Spendtember at our house. 

I will be documenting this throughout the month of September and posting ideas on how you can save money. Is anybody willing to take on the challenge with me??


  1. Good luck! I'm looking forward to reading about all your September adventures on saving money and frugal living!

  2. Oh man this would be so tough! Are you counting blog supplies as extras? I'm wondering if I could get through a month with out a fabric store purchase....Great idea though!


  3. Good for you! I love a good challenge! Good luck! Thanks for stopping by Curious Wisdom!

  4. I've actually also been thinking of committing to going through the month of September without spending money for anything unnecessary. I think it would be a really good exercise...I've yet to mention my idea to the husband though, I'm not sure what he will think of it!

  5. How stinkin cute! Excited to be your newest follower found you on the GFC link up today it is SOOooo nice to meet ya! Please follow back if you get a chance :)

  6. what an awesome idea and challenge. every month is spendtember for me.. lol. since i have no money.. =) but i do love it...


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