Cuppa Kim Mug Swap Recap

I wanted to tell you about this great event I was a part of over the last month or so. Kim at ACuppaKim hosted her second annual mug swap. What a great idea! Over 240 bloggers participated this year, which is totally awesome. Next year is going to be huge! Make sure to follow her blog so that you can be informed for next time!

I was so excited to send out my mug swap that I failed to take any pictures whatsoever. Silly me. So here are some screen shots of what were included. I was paired with a mother of 3 little ones, so I decided I needed to do something that the whole family could benefit from. Aren't these fun? World Market is the best!

I got a package at work on Friday and the whole office was so excited. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched me open it! Again, I was too excited to document how cute the wrapping was, but trust me, it was pretty dern cute. 

I couldn't have asked for a better logo when I opened the box.
 :) :)

This is what was inside! Actually, there was also a Starbucks gift card in the mug. As I said, the whole office watched me open the box. My husband works with me, which means his sticky little fingers were within inches during the whole process {as if he had full intention of stealing whatever was in the box from the beginning!}. He grabbed that Starbucks gift card before the packaging was even out of the box. Classic.

Big thanks to Mel for this adorable Anthropologie mug and Starbucks gift card! Go check out her blog here. She has some pretty wonderful things going on in her life right now :)


  1. That's such a great idea! The mugs you sent were so freaking cute!

  2. So glad you liked your mug! I love anthro & their mugs, I have the m initial one, so I thought you would like the h :)

  3. i adore the mugs you sent out. what a fun creative set :) those are SO stinking cute too!!! :)

    and the mug you got from Mel is fabulous. I have one like it and LOVE it :)


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