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I was recently contacted by a wonderful company called They specialize in digital scrapbooking, but have SO much more to offer than that. 
Seriously...this made my life at least 10x easier. 

Why? Well, are you cheap like me and refuse to pay someone to design your blog? Are you interested in Ad Swaps, but don't have the ability to make all of the different size buttons people ask for? is the perfect solution! They have a ton of pre-made designs and embellishments to make your blog look totally professional!

Today I'm going to show you how to make a 200x200 blog button using the My Memories Suite. Previously, you would need to have Photoshop so your images don't come out blurry. Not anymore! {I just saved you a ton of money. You're welcome.}

{P.S. Discount codes can be found at the bottom of this post, so stick with me through this long tutorial!} 

Step 1:
Open a new project: 
File --> New Album --> Design Your Own --> Square Album --> 
Custom Size --> Width: 200 --> Height: 200 --> 
Units: Pixels --> Ok

Step 2: 
Design your canvas using different shapes, colors, words and embellishments. Remember, the blank canvas in front of you is a LOT smaller than it appears. Don't make it too crowded, or else your readers won't be able to tell what it says. 

Step 3: 
Once your button is finished, follow these steps to save it as an image on your desktop:
File --> Save As --> Click "Yes" --> Map where you want the folder to end up. I choose my desktop so I can find it easily and will move it later. 

Step 4: 
Minimize the My Memories Software Suite and locate the folder you just saved to your desktop. Inside that folder will be another folder called "objects". In the "objects" folder, you will find multiple files with all of the images that make up your final picture. 

There will be one in there that ends in .png and contains your finished image. It is easiest to see this if your files are shown as icons on your screen. 

My final image is the one shown here in the center of the screen shot.

Step 5:
Upload the .png file onto your blog. You can upload it into your Blogger sidebar as a picture and link it to a specific blog post URL, or make a blog button with a grab box. Here is a great tutorial I found at The Little Hen House Blog to show you how to make a grab box.

See how cool this digital scrapbooking software is? Now you can make any size button you want, which will make ad swaps much easier!

 This is how my 200x200 blog button came out... {hint hint}.

So here is the good news... First, CLICK HERE to enter to win a free My Memories Suite software download {$40 value!}. Hurry though because the giveaway ends on September 1st!

If you can't wait and need to download this software right this second {I don't blame you}, then make sure to use this code to get a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite scrapbook software AND a $10 coupon for the store!

Click the picture below and use the code to get the discount!

Promo code: STMMMS68171
I would love to feature your projects on my blog. Please send me an email at if you are interested! 

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