DIY: Magnetic Washi Tape

{I'm not sure if someone has already thought of this, but I'm going to take credit since this idea came to me all on my own!}

You know those magnets that companies pass out so that you can stick their ads on your fridge for next time you need their services? Do you throw them away or do you keep them and never use them like we do? 

I made a magnetic recipe board this weekend and realized I was out of magnetic tape towards the end of my project. That was a vital piece of the puzzle! Since it was 3:00 p.m. and I hadn't gotten out of my pajamas yet, there was no chance of me going to the store to buy some. I find myself to be the most creative when that type of laziness sets in. 

After looking around the house, I realized I had magnet strips already on the refrigerator waiting for me! 

To make these, all you have to do is apply the Washi tape to the top of the existing magnet and use an X-ACTO knife to cut out your new strip of magnetic Washi tape. Tip: If you are using light colored or see-through tape, make sure to peel the business card off first. 

Yep, that's it. 


  1. GREAT idea!! I must try! :)) I'll let you know how it works (oh and I'll mention you in my post when I do!). :)


  2. I hopped over from Yeung Mother Hubbard and I am so glad I did! You have a wonderful blog, I am definitely a new follower! I hope you will stop by! See ya soon!

  3. i LOVE this idea..and i do sometimes get magnets from businesses and think what to w/em haha.

  4. Oh my gosh!! How smart! LOVE it- what a great idea :) Hope I get some magnets soon so I can do this ;)

    Hope you're having a great week!!

  5. What a great idea!! I love your magnetic recipe holder too. Pinned this and I will definitely be trying it.
    Jenn :)


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