No Spendtember: Making Quick Money

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Making Quick Money

So here we are. Day 1 of No Spendtember. 

What's the quickest way to make money this weekend? 
Clean your house!

What I mean by that is de-clutter, gather up items you no longer use or wear and make some money off of it! Last weekend I decided to clean out my closet to see how much I could make at Platos Closet off of old clothes. Well, that was exciting! After about an hour worth of sorting, I drove down to Platos and sold 75 items of clothing. I walked out of there with a nice little check for $249. I was so proud of myself. What a great way to kick off No Spendtember!

Look how much room I saved in my closet! It is over 100 hangers... 

Here are some other ways you can make quick money by selling random stuff laying around your house:

  1. Etsy: Great for selling crafts that you've made, but never actually used. Sell party packs with left over party supplies here as well!
  2. Amazon: Did you know you can sell stuff on Amazon? Click here to check out Amazon's Sell Your Stuff page. 
  3. Craigslist: Pretty much anything you have can be sold here. Make sure you look at all of the different topics under "For Sale" to get ideas. Think outside the box. People will literally buy ANYTHING. 
  4. Ebay: Do you have some items that you think might be of value, but not sure how much? Check out Ebay to compare items. Use the bidding feature to make as much money as possible. Sell your low-cost items here as well!
  5. Facebook: Create an album and put up pictures with information on how your followers can buy things from you. You can take payment via PayPal for a quick and easy transaction! Check out Blue's Junk & Primitives to see a great example of how this is done.
  6. Musicians Buy Line: Sell old instruments and musical equipment here.
  7. Home School Classifieds: I know there are a lot of blogging moms who teach homeschool. This is the perfect site for you!
  8. Online auction website, similar to eBay, where you can sell pretty much anything.
  9. My Party is Over: Perfect place to sell {and buy!} left over party supplies.
  10. And of course, you can always sell items at your local flea market, garage sale or in the classified ads. 
Ideas for items you can sell
Old cell phones, books, video games, DVDs, spare gym equipment you never use {!}, antiques, baseball cards, sporting equipment, old electronics, craft supplies, kitchen supplies, random home decor, furniture, bikes, toys, outside 

I hope this helps inspire you to go make some quick money, while de-cluttering your house at the same time!


  1. $249 at Plato's Closet??? That must be a record! Nice job. I like to list mh clothes for sale on Poshmark or Because I Shop Too Much. Sure, it's not as instantaneous as Plato's Closet but it's still pretty easy!

  2. I'm so sad the Plato's Closet near me closed down! These are some great ideas, but I hate selling things online because I'm so iffy about shipping things.

  3. great ideas! I sell on Craigslist all the time. You are right - they will buy anything!

  4. well now there was a time when poverty struck. so hi di ho off I go to a local charity for the poor and a free thrift store. Donated clothes were hung up for the poor to shop. I could take two shopping bags full free every week. I tell ya them chruch ladies threw out some primo stuff, I got better designer stuff for free then I can afford today. lol.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of some of these, and had no idea you could sell on Amazon. I definitely have the books and craft projects you were talking about, and am going to try it.
    Trinity B.

  6. dang girl,$249 FROM platos closet, that's awesome!!! :) there is one near my house! what kinds or brands of clothes did they accept? my mom took some of her clothes to a similar place they hardly gave her anything, basically turned down almost all of her clothes, so weird! im gonna check out amazon! thanks for all these tips!

  7. This is an awesome idea, we went WAY overbudget for August so we need a no Spendtember! Once again wonderful idea


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