Wedding Tip: Don't forget the ring.

I have a not-so-secret and a funny story to tell you. There's something wrong with the picture below, can you spot it?
How about now? 
Ok, I'll tell you... 

My maid of honor [aka my totally reliable little sister] forgot our rings!! As soon as I made my way to John, I saw the bridal party really slyly freaking out and then I put together what was happening. John claims I responded with "oh sh*t" into our Pastor's microphone, but I'm going to deny that until the day I die. 

So what you see in the two pictures above is John covering up his left ring finger. You can kind of see the sparkle of a ring on his middle knuckle in the first picture. Let's just say we're lucky that my sister wears at least 5 rings on her hands at all times. 
As soon as I realized what was happening, I slipped my engagement ring off my finger and gave it to my sister. My sister then slipped one of her rings to John's brother. I have no idea how we pulled this off, but nobody knew until we told them after. Not even our photographer saw what happened! 

After we walked down the aisle, we headed straight inside to sign the wedding licenses. One of my bridesmaids ran to the room where we were getting ready and got the real rings for us. We had a fun little photo shoot in the bar where we officially gave each other the rings. Quite a memorable moment!
Do you have any funny wedding stories like this? Hopefully yours wasn't too catastrophic. Luckily I was unusually laid-back when it came to how this wedding was going to go. Of course I wanted it to be perfect, but I did put a lot of trust in others since I had a lot on my mind at the time. A little slip-up like this didn't hurt anyone, but it sure created fun memories!

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