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I've recently become overly obsessed with handmade items. I really want to support my fellow crafters since I know all too well how much effort, love, and time goes into every item they make. I usually find new shops through Instagram and then stalk the crap out of them because I'm just so in love. I don't always pull the trigger on purchases, but with these three shops I did. And I don't regret it one bit.

Olivia Ann Collections
I've been eyeing these homemade crowns for a couple of weeks now. I won an Instagram bid for a few of them and they'll be here any day. I couldn't be more excited. What am I going to do with them? I'm thinking: dress up my dogs, put them in my craft room as decoration, take pictures of my niece wearing them, set them out as Christmas decor, or just save them for when I have kids. We'll see. I'm really excited to see how these look in person. 
I came across this Instagram account and literally spent an hour looking at every single picture she has ever posted. I love her style and wish everything I owned was as girly as she is. I purchased this hanger a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adore it. It is hanging above a pink chair in my craft room. Next step is deciding on which one of her adorable prints I'm going to purchase to hang on it. 
I don't remember how, but I somehow stumbled across this Etsy store. I'm the type of person who wears scarves in 90 degree weather. My favorite outfit consists of a t-shirt, scarf and jeans. I have about thirty too many scarves already, so I figured one more wouldn't hurt. LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS IS!!! I'm obsessed with all things Pug, so there's no way I could pass this up. My ideal outfit with this scarf is a long sleeve chambray with dark jeans and tall brown boots. I haven't been able to wear that outfit yet considering it's the middle of summer, but I definitely think about it every morning. 

Please make sure to click on the links above in pink and go show these ladies some love!

P.S. I'm not getting paid or given any free product for this post. I just really love supporting small businesses :) 

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