Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

So is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is either pregnant or birthing children lately? I guess I'm at that age where people start doing that sorta thing. Well now that we're long past Dr. Seuss's birthday and almost to the end of the school year, there's no better time to share this adorable Dr. Seuss baby shower that my friend and a group of teachers hosted in their elementary school library.

I'll be completely honest and say that I had basically nothing to do with this, but I've got great friends who know how important it is to take pictures of amazing decorations like this for my little ol' blog.

How amazing is this diaper cake? I'm loving the accessories that were added to make this a true Dr. Seuss "cake". I haven't yet had the guts to craft a diaper cake yet, but I have a feeling I will need to create one sooner than later. 
Here is the one thing I contributed to this party. I made the "Welcome Baby" banner with my Silhouette using "Doctor Soos" font from dafont.com. The backdrop was already on the wall in the library since it was National Read Across America Day. 
Here is a tutorial I found for the Chocolate Lorax Staches. I love the packaging that was put together for these because it allows them to serve a dual purpose: decoration and take-home gifts. 
These cookie toppers were actually long strips that are supposed to be used as borders on a bulletin board in a classroom. I believe they came from either the Target Dollar Section or The Dollar Store. 
My friend just cut them up and taped to toothpicks, using cute washi tape provided by yours truly, of course.
I love how they used this polka dot kraft paper as a table runner to off-set the blue and red. The kraft paper is from Target; they have super cute mini-wrapping paper rolls now. You can find all of the other paper goods at Target too. 
They put candies in mason jars and wrote cute sayings on these Dr. Seuss hats to use as centerpieces.
And for their final trick, they made these adorable cake pops using paper straws as sticks. 
If you found this post because you're on a hunt for Dr. Seuss ideas, then make sure to check out my Dr. Seuss Crafts for the Classroom post, as well as my Pinterest board with tons more ideas. 

What do you think of a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower? I personally think this group of teachers couldn't have chosen a more perfect theme! 

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