A perfect white photo background that you already own.

I have a secret to admit. I'm all about white on white on white. Whenever possible, my goal is to get pure white backgrounds in my pictures. I love how a bright subjects stand out against it. I wish I had a big bright white room where all my pictures were taken [like Becki from Whippy Cake], but since I don't, I had to find a new solution. 

What is the one, bright white item that all of us have access to?

A bathtub. Yes, a bathtub. I'm fortunate enough to have a rather large one in a big bright room, which makes it a perfect backdrop to some very pretty Insta-pics. Yeah, that's right. I sat cross-legged in my bathtub and snapped these with my iPhone.

Is that weird? Or brilliant? I'm leaning towards brilliant. I didn't need to set up an elaborate operation with backdrops and lights. I just wait until mid-day when the lighting is right and snap away. 

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