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I can't help but notice that there are images all over Pinterest of people decorating their wall using vinyl decals. I am so intrigued by this idea, but I can't decide what shape I'd use or where I would put it. On the plus side, I'm very capable of making these decals on my own, which means I need to make a decision and DO IT before the trend passes! I've gathered up some inspiration from some very trendy ladies. It is truly amazing how many different looks you can get using this technique.

I love the clean lines that these crosses create down this hallway. It seems like this would be really difficult to get straight though. My OCD would probably go insane if I had this in my own home, considering it is basically a given that I would mess up. #MeasureOnceCutTwice

I love me some hexagons. These would look great in white against the light blue walls in my living room. This shape is probably more fun for people who don't necessarily require perfect symmetry, because lord knows that one hexi out of place would drive me bat crap crazy.

Gold hearts in the bedroom? This is perfect for a little girl's room or nursery, but I also think it would look lovely in a grown up's room as long as the decor was right. 

Holy pink flamingo Batman!! Until I started doing research for this post, it hadn't occurred to me to use non-geometric shapes. These are to die for. I would definitely consider doing this in my craft room since I have plenty of pink and white accessories in there to match. LOVE.

This herringbone wall is just beyond. I would expect nothing less from the brains behind Tatertots & Jello and The House of Smiths. Jen and Shelley win the award for best vinyl wall decal in my opinion. They achieved the ultimate goal of avoiding an exact pattern, while still creating a calming atmosphere in the master bedroom. This herringbone shape could get chaotic very quickly if you're not careful. 

Although this pink and white polkadot wall is totes adorbs, I think this would look even better on a ceiling. How cute would that be? Pure white walls, with this when you look up. Swoon. 
I'm curious...would you go through the effort of doing this? Do you prefer geometric shapes or images like the flamingo? 

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