No-Sew Fabric Bunting in Less Than 10 Minutes

I'm going to show you a really easy craft today. See this amazing fabric bunting? I found a shortcut that makes this so easy to make. 

I bought this roll of fabric at Big Lots for $7.50. The alternative is to buy pieces of fabric and cut strips yourself, but this was just so much easier. Each piece was 42" and I cut them in half to double the quantity of each design.
I tied each piece of fabric around a piece of twine, then bunched them up close together so that the twine wasn't visible. I tied metal hoops into the back of the knot on each end to finish it. This worked great because now all you see is fabric. The hoop and tack aren't visible at all since they are behind the bunting.  
Easy enough? I thought so. This would look so cute in a child's room or at a birthday party. Maybe black and orange strips of fabric for Halloween? You could also attach the two hoops together and make it a skirt for a little girl. So many possibilities!


  1. Aw great, now I want to go to Big Lots. :-)

    This is super adorable.

  2. what a nice banner!!! you are talent! it is easy to make and looks so fab!!

    schilderij kopen


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