DIY Classroom Crafts

I spent a solid amount of time helping my friend, "Double D", decorate her first grade classroom this summer. Having absolutely no knowledge about teaching, I didn't realize how much work it was! However, we made the most of it and it turned out great. 

Spoiler alert: there is an "Elementary School Musical" video at the end of this post!

Double D's family helped her refurbish this old chair by unscrewing the pads and recovering it with new fabric. They used a staple gun to get the new fabric in place and then screwed the cushions back into the chair frame.  Such a huge difference!
Double D put an apple tree on the door of her classroom welcoming new students. I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette to make these apples for her. So much easier than tracing/cutting/writing them out like she did before!
My work had some extra file cabinets that we got for free from our neighbors. This used to be black and gloomy, so we sprayed white primer and used a few cans of Rustoleum yellow spray paint from The Home Depot to brighten it up. 
My Silhouette came in really handy to decorate the walls with her favorite font "American Typewriter". 
She got this plastic chart holder from the Dollar Tree. I used my Silhouette to cut scrapbook paper and vinyl for each classroom job. The kid's names are placed on a card to the right of each job and are switched out every week. 
These tubs are from the Dollar Tree as well. Again, I used my Silhouette to cut permanent vinyl so that she could use these year after year. 
Here it is... what you've been waiting for. The Elementary School Musical version of Footloose featuring Double D and my husband. I stayed behind the camera for this one because I don't have the moves to keep up with them.



  1. It was so awesome of you to help out your friend. People have no clue how much work goes into setting up a classroom year after year (or taking it back down at the end, either). Your friend was so lucky to have you to help! (Cute stuff, too!)

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