DIY knock off Taylor Swift glasses

Source: RED Album Art
As you have now heard, my friend and I got backstage and front row tickets at the Taylor Swift concert a couple of weeks ago. A girl's dream come true. One of the many things we can attribute this good fortune to was our outfits. I talked about our custom heat press shirts already, so today I'm going to show you our DIY knock off Taylor Swift cat eye glasses. 

We were inspired by these white cat eye glasses she wore in her RED album art as seen here online. 

We came across these white cat eye sunglasses at Walmart on sale for only $12.00. Since the rainbow leopard print wasn't very "Swifty", we wrapped each side in gold washi tape. Minimal effort with maximum impact. That's what I'm all about.  
We wore these off and on all night long. They came in especially handy when we were trying to convince Taylor's mom to let us into Club Red with her. 


  1. Indeed! Those Taylor Swift sunglasses are the best ones I've seen!

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