How we got backstage & front row tickets at a Taylor Swift concert.

Today I'm going to tell you about one of the greatest days of my life. First, I have to admit that I'm almost 25 years old and still obsessed with Taylor Swift. Luckily, I have a friend, we'll call her Double D, who is equally obsessed. 
If you want to get backstage at a Taylor Swift concert, you have to get creative with your outfit; Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots won't cut it.  We used my heat press to create matching t-shirts with quotes from Taylor Swift and T-Pain's "Thug Story" rap video. We weren't really going into this expecting to get backstage, so we weren't nearly as dressed up as some of the younger girls, but apparently it worked. 
The other thing you need to do is find Taylor's mom, Andrea, before the concert. Double D and I were going around the entire arena asking every person we could how to get down to the pit. We noticed it was empty so that meant there were promoters actively filling it before the concert. Look for radio stations or anyone important.
Just ask everyone.
Guess who we ran into while we were running around, determined to get floor tickets. Andrea Swift!!! Any true T-Swizzle fan knows that her mom pulls fans from the audience before the show so that they can join her backstage in Club Red. We stopped and talked to her mom in the lobby, then joined her group as she pulled people from the audience. She may or may not have said no to us at first and we may or may not have joined her group anyway. Apparently she didn't mind.
So then we found ourselves going down a service elevator with a group of about 10 girls, Taylor Swift's Mom and Taylor's personal security guard.
They took us to Club Red (Taylor's Diet Coke sponsored lounge backstage) and we got to take pics, see memorabilia and drink some Diet Coke. Usually I'm a Diet Pepsi girl, but I think that was the greatest Diet Coke of my life. Mainly because my throat hurt from screaming and the fact that Taylor's Red Tour provided it for us.
Then we got escorted out and walked towards the stage. We walked out doors and were facing the audience. With Taylor's mom leading us, we walked around the floor seats and down the center aisle where she handed us tickets for the best seats in the house. Everyone was cheering and staring because they knew what had just happened to us. 
No zoom necessary. We literally couldn't have gotten closer to her. 
Double D and I are still in shock that this happened. We love her so much. 
P.S. Did you know Taylor has her own line for Keds? So cute. These are my lucky RED T-Swift Keds. 

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