DIY: Monogrammed Tennis Racket

I went on my first Goodwill trip the other day with the intention to find some good craft projects. I was really excited to come out with an old school  tennis racket for $3. I recently purchased a pack of embroidery string, so I decided to create a monogram R {for Richards} on it. 

Here were the tools I used. Pretend there is a pair of scissors and some E6000 glue in this picture as well. 

I was having a real hard time figuring out how to create an R. I started by using a sharpie to plan out the design, but just got more confused and ended up using different pieces of string to make the shape. Before taking off the string, I marked each line with a black dot to remind myself where the strings will go back. {There is no way that this was the most efficient way of doing this. Hence, my website name: Measure Once, Cut Twice.}

This is Fifi. She couldn't handle that I had a tennis racket in my lap for so many hours instead of her.

This is what it looked like when I was done wrapping. As you could imagine, the front of it did not look too impressive with all those strings hanging off the edges. 

Here is what all my string looked like when I was done. Again, not the most efficient way of doing things. 

I used the E6000 glue to keep the strings down. Before gluing, I cut a lot of the strings to be really short so it was easier to hide.

And here is the final product. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I'll probably just store it on the wall in the garage. It could be a really cute decoration in a little boy's room though!


  1. Hey Hilary it's Stephany at 'Ol Mother Hyder! [ ] I am awarding you the Liebster Blog Award. So now you have more than one! ;) Come on over to my blog and get your award. I have mentioned you and your blog in my post and I love reading your blog! I love your talents and you deserve this! ♥ Congrats!

  2. Oh my I big time heart this! It's so cool! I love embroidery in general & this is a great fun original take on it. Great job!

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