DIY: Wall Monogram

Thank you sooo much to everyone who reads this blog! I reached 6,000 views on Sunday and now I'm almost at 7,000 views and it's only Tuesday!! Also, I hit the 50 follower mark this week!! I'm so glad all these hours of slaving over my beautiful craft desk have paid off!

Ok, so anyway...

For some reason I've been putting off this post for a long time. I think it is because I've had so many other {far more creative} projects to post, but because I didn't move off the couch this weekend, I didn't do anything creative to post this week {unless Pinterest-ing for hours counts?}. 

So long ago before I had a Silhouette, I really wanted to make a monogram letter "R" for above our bed. We went on this kick where we couldn't stop buying picture frames, which I now regret and will explain why at a later date. During that time, we bought one large frame and two matching smaller frames from Aaron Brothers. 

All I did to the two small pictures was put a pink piece of paper in the frames, then cut some doilies into random shapes and stuck them in. For the center of the two frames I bought small heart doilies. I think I attached them with really small pieces of double sided tape because I didn't have any fancy crafting supplies at that point. 

For the large center picture, I found some cool wrapping paper at Michael's and just traced one of those white wooden alphabet letters onto a white piece of paper. {The letter was similar to the one below, but this is clearly an A, not an R.} Again, everything is attached with double sided tape. 

Here is a really really reallllyyy terrible picture of our back wall in the bedroom. I'm embarrassed to even post this, but I wanted to show you how the pictures are placed in the room. Maybe next time I'll un-wrinkle the bed spread and spruce up those pillows a bit. Oh, and this picture quality is absolutely horrendous, but we have really bad lighting and I don't feel like going pro right now :)


  1. The monogram is adorable, but I love the cute little pink/heart/doilies the best!

  2. Love this wall art! How creative:) Would you be interested in a button exchange?


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