DIY: St. Patrick's Day Banner

Happy March everyone! You know what that means... St. Patrick's Day decorations!!

I made this banner on my Silhouette using a four leave clover shape and "Oh {Photo} Shoot!" font. I stretched out each clover to the largest size I could fit on the 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. To make sure the fonts fit well, I created each letter inside of the clover shape, then copied and pasted it onto a new page. It is important to measure out each letter because they are all so different in width and height. To attach them together, I just used some twine and taped it to the back. 

I've never decorated for St. Patrick's Day before, so I am preparing myself to replace all pink {Valentine's Day} decorations with some green!


  1. Loving this banner. Too cute! New GFC and Linky follower from the Sunday blog hop!

  2. Great Blog!! Following you from the Sunday Blog Hop on Blissful and Domestic!


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