Let's Get to Work

Ever since I discovered Pinterest, I've been totally Pin-spired. I've spent hours upon hours on my iPad just searching the DIY section. Well, I finally decided to get off the couch and really start doing something. 

... and by "something" I mean spending hours upon hours at the craft store purchasing items to fill my "crafts-to-do" bin with. John set up this little area in our garage for all my craft stuff. There are closets behind it with shelves and boxes labeled for cardboard, vases, fabrics, paints, strings, etc. 

The desk still wasn't working though. I just kept shopping and never actually finishing a craft! (or at least enough crafts to make this all worth it). So then I decided that I needed a binder with all of the pictures on my DIY board from Pinterest printed out so I could organize the crafts into categories.

Categories include: cardboard, yarn, frames, paint chips, wall art, gift ideas, glitter, vases, spray paint and many more. Now all I have to do is look in my crafts-to-do bins, pull out a project and look in my Pinspiration binder to get a project started!

Let's get to work...

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