23rd Birthday Celebration

Well, I have finally reached the ripe ol' age of 23. As per usual, my birthday was spread out over a week long period. Here are some pics to show how much fun it was :)

Friday 10/14 6:20 am: My iPhone dreams came true that morning. I finally made the overdue switch from Blackberry to iPhone. I showed up at Verizon at 6:20 that morning and found my friend Whitney there by herself too (I know, we're cool). We were both thrilled to see each other so we didn't look like losers being there by ourselves. 

Friday 10/14 5:30 pm: To start off the main festivities, my BFF came to town from Sacramento and made me cookies (my FAVE!).

Wednesday 10/19 (The Big Day): I had to work all day on my actual birthday, but my fave bro-in-law brought me cupcakes and we had a lunch party at work. 

After work, we went to my Mom's and opened presents. John got me a Silhouette, but it hadn't shipped yet since it was just released, so he purchased 7 boxes of Alpha-Bits and taped a card to the boxes with a picture of my real present. I also got some UGG moccasins from my Mom, which I'm really excited about because I have been too cheap to buy them for myself!

Saturday 10/22: The Inaugural Hot Jamz October Dance Competition! John bought the new XBox Kinect game called Just Dance 2 and we danced the night away. You know you had a successful dance party when the recycling can is filled up with empty water bottles instead of booze at the end of the night. It got really intense.

Then at the end of the night it just turned into a real dance party with music guiding the moves instead of the video game.

Everyone better start practicing their moves for next year!

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