Happy Halloween!

I thought I'd write one last Halloween blog before all of my craft projects became irrelevant. 

Here are a few pictures I took today:

1) Ghost: John got creative one day and cut up our pillow cases to make ghosts. The point of its head is the corner of a pillow case, then he just used a Sharpie to draw the face. He built the body out of two wooden dowels tied together in a cross shape, then stuck a tennis ball on top as its head. The Boo! sign is just a scrap of paper he colored in and taped to the back of a toothpick. It is all being held up by a piece of Styrofoam that he painted black. 

2) And here he is dressed up as Clark Kent, aka Superman.

3 & 4) How cute are these! A lady at work brought these in for us today. I thought they were adorable.

Halloween Craft Part 3: Modge Podging Pumpkins

Tools: Modge Podge, Foam Brushes, Tissue Paper (solid color and patterned color), Plastic Pumpkin, Construction Paper, Scissors, Gorilla Glue.

1) Rip all your tissue paper into pieces a couple of inches wide (3" x 3"-ish)
2) Apply a thin coat of Modge Podge to the pumpkin and apply your pieces of solid-color tissue paper. This is just the base coat so it doesn't have to be perfect. 
3) Stop and take a picture with your BFF before her mom leaves and you have no one to take pictures of you :)
4) Apply your top layer. Don't worry about covering it in tons of glue, it will dry clear. 
5) Clearly, I got lazy and didn't go all the way to the top of the pumpkin. 
6) So I got creative and cut out strips of construction paper, then wrapped each one around a small wooden dowel to make it curl. I used Gorilla Glue to apply it to the top of my pumpkin. For some reason the program I used to create that beautiful 6-part collage wouldn't let me flip the last picture... so sorry, you can't totally see the final product. 

Lessons learned: Don't use a pattern that requires lines to match up. Solids or polka dots- anything that can look random- would probably work better!

My first Silhouette project!

All of my creations on display:

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